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Video transcript –

Below is the transcript to our home page and motorbike video. You can see this on our home page

So we’re a garage in the North Cotswold’s. An independent garage of three mechanics, lady in reception.

We do everything from servicing to clutches and gearboxes. We do all the diagnostics and repairs and resets on all makes and models.

The Land Rover, had a fault with the injectors. Just reprogramming and resetting.

Yes, basically it’s the Land Rover we had a customer complaining about poor idle and so we carried out a fuel trim reset on the injectors, and so it makes the idle smoother and run the engine run better in general.

Removed an automatic gearbox to change a crank seal on the back of the engine. It’s a two man job to get it back in. Quite a lengthy process.

Yeah, this was an oil leak. Had an oil leak coming from the crankshaft oil seal, so the semi-automatic gearbox had to be taken out to get access to it. We’ve got specialist tools to fit the new seals in.

A lot of classic cars. We have a lot of customers in the area. It’s just the area for a classic car.

MOT on motorcycles. We’re fully equipped for doing class 1 and 2, and class 4 MOTs. Any size motorcycle. Side cars included. We check all the lights, headlamp aim. We’ve got a lovely Harley Breakout. It’s a two man job, one to sit on the bike and operate the controls. And the other is the actual MOT tester, he’s in charge of inspecting all the areas of the bike.

There’s visual checks for excessive smoke and oil, noise on the exhaust. Make sure the exhaust is fit for the road. Do the wheel alignment, make sure the things got straight wheels not crooked. Check the brake hoses, electric lines. Check suspensions, check the chains or drive belts or prop shaft, depending on how the drive of the bike is. Check brakes, brake efficiency, brake wear, tyres, tyre wear.

Just recently doing motorbike MOT’s, which is a new venture we are doing, which hopefully will be leading into doing servicing and repairs.